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Hello, my name is Tiffany. Currently, my main priority is dedicating myself to being a full-time student. I am studying at the University of Oklahoma working hard to achieve a Master’s in Social Work. I went into social work because I believe in social justice; I believe that resources should be an equity for all. The pathway of social work I am interested going into is Healthcare. From an ACP perspective, healthcare should be affordable for all as well as attaining high quality care. One interesting model I learned from All Profession’s Day is the ‘PDSA’ model. This stands for Plan, Do, Study, Act and it is a new model from an evidenced based practice to enhance the healthcare system in achieving better healthcare from all perspectives in the healthcare field.  From a DP perspective, I believe in developing a human connection between healthcare workers and patients/families. As social workers, we highly believe in Motivational Interviewing to meet our clients where they are as well as developing attainable goals necessary to them. In summary, healthcare in social work is not a sole project. It takes a team of other healthcare providers working together to give the most effective care to the patients.
Last semester I had the opportunity to experience hospice work at Valir Hospice. This semester, I will be experiencing social work practice at OU Children’s Hospital.

That was just a short summary about who I am. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Thanks for visiting.


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