BP1 – The Start to Community Learning

Prompt: Choose one of the statements below and expound upon your own ideas using at least one example by Morse (with proper citations):

“Communities are not programmable or predictable”

When we see and experience what a successful community feels like, we have to wonder how it got that way. Morse (2014), puts it in a way that successful communities take time to build and nothing occurs in an overnight time span. Starting a new community or making changes to a community takes on a different perspective of the teamwork’s imagination of the community outlook. When Morse says “communities are not predictable” (Morse, 2014, p. 5-6) she is right in the sense that there will be ideas and missions that fail. However, because communities fail, it makes them succeed. Meaning, if we rule out all the factors that make communities fail, we can pull together the ideas that make them work. In the end, communities are not easy to generate as it takes brain power and willingness to strive through even the toughest times.

Morse, S. (2014). Smart communities: How citizens and local leaders can use strategic thinking to build a brighter future (2nd edition). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

3 Commitments to the Class

Prompt: As your practice blog, please name 3 things that you will commit to do to enhance your learning in this course.

1.  I will commit to a reading schedule prior to class as well as a writing schedule when it comes to assignments in the course.

2. I will commit to being attentive during class and speak up during discussion to share my thoughts, ideas, and values based on the course topic of the week.

3. I will commit to maintaining respect to my cohort through values of friendship and learning.