BP10 – Evaluation

Explain the importance of evaluation as a concept.
In the Krajewski et al., please summarize the findings of the program as reflected in the program evaluation.

Evaluation as a concept can be tested through qualitative research based on the articles of past research conducted. This type of concept is qualitative because it takes on subjective perspectives. In this case, Krajewski et al. (2010), took the concepts of evaluation through empowerment in youth. The findings of the program indicates how youth understanding is a factor to determining the success of the program evaluation. The youth in the program were able to grasp the concept of what working is like as an adult.”With that being said, the youth were to learn responsibility, discipline, and time management. The results showed a higher rate of success than failure deeming that the youth came through the program with new acquired skills.

Krajewski, E. R., Wiencek, P., Brady, S., Trapp, E., Rice Jr., P. (2010). Teaching employable skills to special education youth: An empowerment approach. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 5(1), 167-176.

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