BP11 – The Last Blog Post Ever…..

Prompt: Congrats! This is your last Blog Post for this course!

What are three things you LEARNED from this course and what is one thing you will DO as follow up?

  1. I learned how to assess a community based on observation, analysis, and intervention. It is easy for one to look around the community and judge it by its looks. For example, seeing run down houses, neighborhood gates, conditions of the roads, etc. But it is not until proper research has been conducted to be able to look deeper within the community. Looking for the consensus of the demographics, industry, educational attainment, etc. truly shows the true character of the community. At first, it can be overwhelming to looking into a community, however, the finishing product can give you a sense of accomplishment.
  2. I learned the value of mutual understanding through Karen Hill’s talk. The story of the “waffle cookie” gave a great insight on changing how we see things. I remember her talking about our surroundings with others with different viewpoints than us is greater than surrounding ourselves with people of similar viewpoints. This can be due to us creating success when we have formed understandings with others that have different ideas. She was my favorite guest speaker of the semester because of the impact she left.
  3. Learning about the various interactive activities (ice breakers) taught me how to gage various groups through-out all types of community/team building. My favorite would be the selfie/nice comment one because the activity indicated kindness and appreciation of others through actions and words.

Follow-up: One thing I will do as a follow-up is to utilize what I have learned to my career and personal life. After doing the community assignments, I drive around looking at communities very differently now. I have changed my mindset on how I look at a community.

I would also like to share Karen’s waffle story to others around me, not only to remind myself of mutual understanding, but to share with others our mindset in how we see things.

Lastly, I would like to utilize some of the activities we participated in during class. Social workers sometimes work with direct clients and sometimes in groups. So these activities are great to know and use for various group settings.

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