BP9 – Strategical Plannning


Citing Bryson (Chapter 1), what is strategic planning, what does it measure, and why is it necessary? Literally how do we strategically plan?

According to the text, strategic planning is what helps leaders know and make the judgement of what to do for the organization and its members. This type of planning helps leaders to draw a path for the group/organization to work on any issues, type of way to accomplish goals, allowing leaders to see the various groups dynamics, and making room for improvement. Based on the group’s discussion, strategic planning measures the extent on how much change occurs in terms of group’s need. This occurs by first looking at the group’s purposes, then proceeds to where the group is currently at in achieving its goals, and lastly how the group wants to get to the end goal. Strategic planning is necessary because it allows the group to move forward in utilizing methods that work and methods that don’t work. When I read this article, I think of strategic planning as something the leader literally does in┬áplanning for the group. This could be something such as planning the ice breakers for the class or planning the syllabus for the school year. Overall, I look at strategic planning as the leader seeing the goals and picturing the movement even before the group does. But also, the leader working with the group to find common ground and moving towards how to implement and get to the goals.

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