BP10 – Homelessness

Just last week, friends from my cohort and I spoke about our high school days. One friend from the cohort brought up a classmate that got called out by the teacher because of his bodily odor. Though the teacher never revealed who this student was, she was looking directly at the student when talking to the class. We then brought up the matter that we all knew someone in high school that had poor hygiene and concluded that it was not their fault. Most of the time, these students’ household did not have proper hygiene was because of matters in the home. Maybe the household could not pay the water bill of that month – so the water was shut off. Maybe the household could only afford certain things and had no money left to spare to purchase other items. Maybe the students’ families were without a home and had no choice but to live in certain conditions. In the end, we don’t know what these students went through, yet people were so quick to judge in high school.

Reading over the homelessness section reminded me of our conversation. Homelessness was rooted from economic troubles of the country. When the country is doing badly in the economy it results to people being affected by the changes because their lifestyle cannot keep up. One factor of homelessness is households not being able to provide for their families because too little money is being made. Another factor is individuals being in uncontrollable situations such as domestic violence. This causes individuals to leave their homes and everything else behind in search of a safer environment. A current issue is youth that are homeless because the number have been consistent in getting higher. There are resources offered and plans by the government to end homelessness, however, fixing the homeless problem starts with housing. Housing is a main determinant of solution when it comes to homelessness because families are allowed time to regain control of their lives while being taken care of. There are direct resources linked to housing that families can seek services from. Also, those in housing are able to be accounted for in federal surveys. This can lead to the government to understand how many people are considered homeless and can therefore lead to creating more resources.

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